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Welcome To BlackFlames

Welcome to the Guild of BlackFlames, we're a guild built on helping each other grow, have fun, be social, and travel the path of becoming one if not the best guild on grand fantasia's Quill Server, and to achieve this goal, we'll be participating in Guild Wars(GW) when we get enough stronger, and active players/members in the guild. so for now, lets level our guild, and level our character, and build them for Pvp(optional), and GW(would appreciate when we start GW). i would also like for us to start dungeon spamming when we get our levels higher, this is making gold faster which can help us become stronger. please enjoy the guild. Guild Event times and date are posted on the calendar. We have our own forums, Guild News will be posted when we have news, same goes for activities. We have a media center for picture, and video posting.
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Sparky / Oct 21, 2012
Hello guys, i'm giving us a long need update. first of all. Congratz to all of us, we reached Level 6 guild. second we have our guild base, so double congratz. you get to the guild base via Teleporter. along with our guild base, we now have a guild warehouse (must be flare rank or higher to tank, and put in items) all items in the warehouse will consist of materials only for now. we also have a guild banner, which only shows importance when we win territory wars(something we have not yet done). we have a guild farm as well, so all those saved up seed packets can now be used =). we also have guild dungeons which are found in the guild base, you must lvl61+ to enter even the first dungeon. we have a statue of Jack who has been our most helpful Blaze Rank, and Tweety(mana as i call her) who has won our prestige event. keep up the good work guys, and lets shoot for level 8, and guild wars.