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General Discussion Open to Everyone
Say hello to those that are trusted enough to become a co-leader a.k.a. Blaze Rank. please show these people respect, listen to them, and follow their example.
Discussion about strategies the guild uses
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Have some fun, and talk about whatever ^^.
Fire ZoneThreadsPostsLast Post
Looking to buy, or sell an item to, or from your fellow guild members. well post it here.
Got Guild Suggestions, let us hear your thoughts.
Having trouble with someone in the guild? can't reach nobody for help in-game? well let us know here, so your feud can get dealt with. hopefully this section will not have to be used. please respect each other, no drama.
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EventsThreadsPostsLast Post
Event Information will be kept here <3
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Got a Suggestion for events? Well put it down here, for everybody to see.
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Self HelpThreadsPostsLast Post
Don't know how to play, or build your class? well leave it to your guildies to help give you that information you need to be strong, and pro.
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All your questions, answers, and tips about sprites will go here.
Subforums: Sprite 101, Crafting
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Guild Base(Coming Soon)ThreadsPostsLast Post
Here is where list of guild warehouse items will be kept(more so materials for crafting), if your looking for a certain item a blaze rank, or leader well look inside for you. All items will be donated by guild members, and maintained for guild member Usage only! Items will not be taken out to be sold, or traded, and record of said item will be kept here, and is automatically kept in-game.
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Information on it's purpose, how to use, and more will be kept here.
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