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Black Flames Level 6

Sparky / Oct 21, 2012
Hello guys, i'm giving us a long need update. first of all. Congratz to all of us, we reached Level 6 guild. second we have our guild base, so double congratz. you get to the guild base via Teleporter. along with our guild base, we now have a guild warehouse (must be flare rank or higher to tank, and put in items) all items in the warehouse will consist of materials only for now. we also have a guild banner, which only shows importance when we win territory wars(something we have not yet done). we have a guild farm as well, so all those saved up seed packets can now be used =). we also have guild dungeons which are found in the guild base, you must lvl61+ to enter even the first dungeon. we have a statue of Jack who has been our most helpful Blaze Rank, and Tweety(mana as i call her) who has won our prestige event. keep up the good work guys, and lets shoot for level 8, and guild wars.


Totally ecstatic to be in this guild. I hope by the time we get to guild wars, I'll be a high enough level to participate. ^^
i can't wait til we can do guild wars xD

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